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AI driven Synergistic patient centric clinical architecture. fully integrated suite of tools for clinical trials, removing silos and enabling Patients, Sites, CROs, and Sponsors to function as a trial team. In site-based studies, patients typically need to be within a certain physical distance of the sites they must visit, limiting patient participation or increasing the number of sites required.

AI, IoT and digital therapeutics enable a new era in Mental Health

  • Objective data and continuous monitoring of patient data through sensors, wearables and mobile devices
  • AI, Affective computing, and Emotion Recognition
  • Pull IoT patterns from an agile integration platform – Capture the potential of IoT from connected Point of Sale systems, smart (electrical) grid, building automation, medical devices, and more. The Intelligent Integration Platform connects common IoT communication protocols, platforms, and analytics to your enterprise stack, improving agility, innovation, and decision-making.
  • Connect IoT and API with your Enterprise Stack – An IoT initiative can involve edge devices, fog computing, and a variety of IoT protocols and platforms.  Integrating all of this data with the rest of your organization is critical to capturing its value. Intelligent Integration Platform supports a variety of standard protocols and data sources including streaming, and data for real-time decision-making key to your IoT initiative’s success.
  • Support a Variety of IoT Integrations – An agile integration platform needs to support many types of integration patterns as well as patterns specific to data location such as the cloud, legacy systems, and trading partners. We support a variety of IoT protocols such as MQTT, HTTP, document and Binary producers, REST, SOAP, and AmQP through Rabbit MQ.

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Contact us at the Biohymns nearest to you or submit a inquiry online.

I have worked with BioHymns for several months to develop patient workflows and they have been great. They have a solid process in place for remote patient engagement and are very good at ensuring that the program they provide will meet all of the requirements related to trials, very prompt. They are knowledgeable about artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning and the tricks it takes to build smart solutions.

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