Time to disrupt clinical trials at all levels, from recruitment, consent, retention, data capture to site study execution. Connected devices have the potential to increase access to providers, improve the quality.

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Real-world data gathered directly from EHRs and other data sources, paired with advances in machine learning, will be crucial for architecting the next generation of successful clinical trials.

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AI in healthcare to improve disease diagnosis, management, and the development of effective therapies. Given the large number of patients diagnosed with cancer and significant amount of data generated during cancer treatment.

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Mental health is now the most expensive part of our health care system, overtaking heart conditions, which used to be the costliest. Approximately $201 billion is spent on mental health annually.

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Demystify the process of conducting virtual trials, examine the current state of virtual studies, discuss tools available for conducting virtual trials…

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Streamline clinical trial recruitment and digital patient registries with connected EMR data, hybrid approach to retrieving data from across the ecosystem.

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I have worked with BioHymns for several months to develop patient workflows and they have been great. They have a solid process in place for remote patient engagement and are very good at ensuring that the program they provide will meet all of the requirements related to trials, very prompt. They are knowledgeable about artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning and the tricks it takes to build smart solutions.

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