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I have worked with BioHymns for several months to develop patient workflows and they have been great. They have a solid process in place for remote patient engagement and are very good at ensuring that the program they provide will meet all of the requirements related to trials, very prompt. They are knowledgeable about artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning and the tricks it takes to build smart solutions.

Director IT


Demystify the process of conducting virtual trials

Digital innovation can help improve the productivity of your clinical trials and give you the background you need to decide which trials are virtual-ready and which may be amenable to a hybrid approach. It will also help you develop an overall strategy for designing and executing a virtual or hybrid trial.

Number of new clinical trial approaches have emerged, and in the following piece we’ll decrypt some of the buzzwords from “site-less” to “direct-to-patient” to “virtual” and beyond. 

  • Over 70 percent of potential participants live more than 2 hours away from the nearest study center — traveling to a physical clinical trial site is a burdensome, limiting engagement. 
  • Today, less than 5% of the US population participates in clinical research. Additionally, the data collected in clinical trials 
  • The information we hang multi-billion-dollar investments on and that patients are literally living and dying by — is such a tiny snapshot of the lived experience with a disease.


A virtual clinical trial changes these dynamics. Wearable tech allows patients to remain home to record and gather data whenever needed. 

  • Provides a far more complete picture of one’s overall health. 
  • Video tools allow doctors to “meet” with patients and immediately respond to their needs. 
  • A variety of apps and online tools allow patients to become active participants and stay engaged throughout the trial period.

Virtual tools also help patients find appropriate trials to enroll in. With easily accessible databases on hundreds of available clinical trials, patients can quickly find trials that are relevant to them.

Our Consulting expertise in smart trials
  • What strategies industry leaders are using to integrate virtual and traditional trials?
  • How to decide whether virtual, site less, hybrid or conventional trials are the best option for your investigational product?
  • How digital tools enable the conduct of virtual trials and collect regulatory friendly data
  • Strategies for overcoming internal challenges, and maximizing the benefits of conducting remote trials with mobile digital health apps

How It works?

When trial protocols require a qualified medical attendant to physically meet a patient in person to conduct testing or perform specified interactions, a solely virtual program becomes an impossibility.

  • Secure, cloud-based virtual trial program was designed by industry veterans that understand the requirements of pharmaceutical sponsors. 
  • It is fully intended to be used as a hybrid solution to accommodate a wide variety of trial scenarios. With a behind-the-scenes understanding of how trials work, our program is CRO, research site, and patient-friendly.
  • Patients Use Their Own Device with us in Virtual Trials, with cost in mind, We have developed a virtual trial program, that runs smoothly on any device so that patients can use their existing personal device without the need to carry and learn how to use something new and different. 

This also saves the pharmaceutical sponsor a great expense from buying a device for each new participant. Further, since patients are using their personal devices, it is possible to contact them months or years after the completion of the trial to collect long-term, real-world feedback.

Key Focus in Reshaping Clinical Trials, Power of AI to Transform Clinical Trials:

  • Engaging Patients and Finding New Insights
  • Improving Pharma R&D Efficiency
  • Data-driven protocols and strategies powered by advanced AI algorithms
  • Achieve this by improving data quality, increasing patient compliance & retention, and identifying treatment efficacy more efficiently and reliably than ever before.
  • Technology and Data Science Meet Unparalleled Therapeutic and Operational Expertise.

Our Models to Robust Trials, Reflective Insights, leveraging data science & AI to accelerate clinical trial Outcomes, integrated AI-enabled clinical data analytics program: adapts, curates, and stimulates data, delivering more actionable insights

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