Analytics as a Service (AaaS)

Helping healthcare build scalable and actionable data-enabled products and solutions.

Analytics as a service is becoming a very useful option for businesses because setting up analytics processes can be a very tedious process. Industries that need to do more analytics may need more software and other kinds of licenses, and they may need more IT staff to implement and maintain these programs. If industries can use analytics as a service (AaaS) instead, it may be able to bypass these new costs and new business process requirements.

Custom healthcare data analytics solutions offer insights that help healthcare providers make better decisions about patient care and improve the quality of care provided. It helps them to predict the risk of chronic diseases allowing in time preventive care. The data-driven insights also help predict and optimize the utilization of resources in hospitals and clinics. There are several use cases where data-driven insights can help improve healthcare institutions improve patient well-being.

Use Cases

Patient Health Dashboards

Make better decisions about patient care, improve the quality of patient care

Hospital/Clinic Resources Allocation

Manage multiple usages of assets and allocation of resources with custom utilization dashboards

Optimize/Predict Resource Utilization

Predict how resources will be utilized in the future and optimize them

Data based Alerts & Diagnostics

Track patient data in real time. Monitor patients and respond quickly to any changes in condition

Prescription Compliance

Monitor and improve medication adherence rates of your patients

Medication Effectiveness

Use historical data to improve therapy effectiveness

Predicting Readmission Risk

Predict patients at risk of returning and reduce readmissions

Predicting Risk of Chronic Conditions

Predict the risk of chronic diseases and provide in time preventive care

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